Each U-Slide Bow Holder is built and assembled at our facility in Connecticut “by a bow hunter for bow hunters” with the same American pride our country was founded on.

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What's Holding Your Bow?

The U-Slide Bow Holder allows you to get the bow in your hands when you need it - without noticeable movement or noise that would otherwise scare away your trophy buck.

Product Highlights

Mounts securely and
stays out of your way

The U-Slide has an easy self starting screw to securely mount it to a tree. Most importantly, your bow won’t get “hung up” while trying to dismount it from the holder.

What everyone
is saying about U-Slide

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Can be used in a tree
stand or a ground blind

Use the U-Slide where you need it. It can easily be used in a tree stand or in the ground to keep your bow upright and ready for use.

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U-Slide In Action

Don’t blow your cover

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