Each U-Slide Bow Holder is built and assembled at our facility in Connecticut “by a bow hunter for bow hunters” with the same American pride our country was founded on.

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as a host of a television show as well as being a producer for outdoor television, I use only quality products I believe in. That being said, U-Slide bowholder is by far the best most versatile Bowholder on the market today! Either in a ground blind or in a tree stand I can rest assured my bow will always be at the ready safely secure , I highly recommend U-Slide bowholder
Steve Schicker
Adrenaline Adventures TV

I love my u-slide bow holder because it is so compact and portable yet so versatile - I can toss it into my backpack to use it anywhere I hunt, whether in a ground blind, a treestand or practicing in my backyard.
Melissa Prielipp
Backwoods Brand Arrow Wraps

U-Slide bow holder is my bow holder of choice. The versatility is unmatched and the craftsmanship great. No matter how cold, how windy, or how wet, on the ground, or in the tree the U-Slide keeps your bow secure and ready to grab when the moment of a lifetime presents itself.
Adam Sutherlin
Outdoor Insights' Game On

U-Slide, its what DZO trusts to hold our bows! Its rock solid even in a windstorm! Check em out!
Travis Pack
Dead Zone Outdoors

I have now been using the U-Slide Bow Holder for the last 4 seasons. In that time it has helped me take 7 deer and my largest buck to date. The ease of use and convenience of having your bow so close gives me the upper hand every time I am in the woods. If you have not tried one I strongly recommend you do. It will be the last bow holder you ever buy.
Eric Jorgensen
Owner Bust a Buck Deer Lures

Thanks Pete , U-slide worked great, was right in place when the moment counted and the best part about it was it adjusted and didn't swing like the ones I had in the past.
Dave Wolfe
Wildlife Addictions

Hey Pete, I bought one of your bow holders last year and was able to use it on my limited hunting during the 2011 season in eastern Kansas. I say limited because this deer walked w/in range on just my 4th day out in the woods. From when I first seen him 75 yards away, I had less than a minute to grab my bow and get ready for a shot. He was on a line right at me, with the help of your bow holder I was able to grab my bow without being seen or heard and was successful at making a great shot. Thanks so much!
Adam Anderson